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Grade 6A/B

Lisa Coer

Grade 6 English Language Arts & 5 Religion

Barbra Villalba

Grade 5 Science, 6 Science & 6 Social Studies


       Teachers may be contacted any time via email or phone. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers with any questions or concerns.

Homework Procedures

Although homework is posted daily on OptionC, it is the responsibility of the student to copy assignments accurately and completely into his/her planner during the course of the school day.  In Grade Six, homework will be recorded on the board daily in each classroom.  Students will be allowed to check posted homework at the end of the day.

Grading Procedure

Grades will be determined by a percentage of total number of points possible divided by total number of points earned.  Tests, quizzes, projects, homework, participation, and effort will be weighted accordingly.   Grades are available through Option C. 

Service Project

A Thanksgiving dinner will be provided for a needy family and funds will be collected during Lent for a worthy charity.

Discipline Procedures

Each classroom seeks to foster the values of a Catholic, Christian community: kindness, courtesy, justice, respect, hospitality and cooperation. Please refer to policies outlined in the School Handbook.