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Grades 7 and 8

7A Homeroom Teacher: Mary Ann Alcaro

 7 Science & 8 Science

7B Homeroom Teacher: Julie Fuhrmeister

7 Social Studies & 8 English Language Arts

8A Homeroom Teacher: Melissa Rockovich

7 English Language Arts & 8 Religion

8B Homeroom Teacher: Christina Chitjian

7 Math, 8 Math & 8 Social Studies

Lori Guest

 7 Religion


 Teachers may be contacted any time via email or phone. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers with any questions or concerns.


Teachers will post nightly homework, tests, quizzes and long-term assignments on the classroom whiteboard and on OptionC or Google classroom.   It is the students’ responsibility to copy assignments in their planners.

Long Term Assignments

While students will be encouraged to become more independent and responsible for their work, they still need their parents’ assistance with regard to managing deadlines. Long term assignments will be accompanied by a scoring rubric and set of directions at the time the project is assigned.

Make-Up Work For Absentees

A student will be encouraged to speak to the teachers if he/she is aware of an upcoming absence. Make-up work for all absences, but particularly for extended absences due to illness, will be scheduled in a timely, reasonable manner and will adhere to the school’s policy. Absences which are not due to illness should be limited.


The Middle Unit will give service to the community by contributing to a water project for an orphanage in Guatemala and by collecting items for a local food bank.

Discipline Procedures

Each classroom seeks to foster the values of a Catholic, Christian community: kindness, courtesy, justice, respect, hospitality and cooperation. Please refer to policies outlined in the School Handbook.