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Program Description for Primary Unit – Grades 1 to 3

The goal for the Primary Unit is to develop the students’ mathematical and literacy skills. Reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, and listening and speaking skills are developed into an English Language Arts program based on the Core Curriculum State Standards in conjunction with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia guidelines. Reading is taught using a variety of teaching methods designed to capture student interest and maximize individual learning.

Math stresses basic computation facts and skills, money, measurement, problem-solving and elementary geometry.  Manipulatives are used to aid the understanding of mathematical concepts. Reading themes are further enhances by the exploration of related science and social studies activities.

Students in 1st through 3rd grades have weekly instruction in Spanish, Library, Music, Art, Physical Education and Computer. All classrooms are equipped with a SMARTBoard and iPad docking stations to facilitate technology instruction in the classroom.  For further information please view the curriculum section of the website.