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Program Description for Middle Unit – Grades 7 and 8

Students at this level share in the responsibility for their own education by learning time management techniques and striving to develop academic competence and personal self-discipline. Curriculum subject areas are presented by a team of teachers who utilize the guidelines as a basis of instruction. Techniques include lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and cooperative learning activities. The English Language Arts program prescribed by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Common Core State Standards is implemented at this level in order to equip students to communicate effectively in speech and writing. Through a study of a variety of genres of literature, students develop comprehension, vocabulary and critical thinking skills as well as active reading strategies. Reading for pleasure is encouraged.

The math curriculum includes whole numbers, decimals, fractions, consumer math, probability, rational number theory, equations, inequalities, integers, geometry and pre-algebra and algebra. Eligible students have the opportunity to participate in an Honors Math program which includes algebra instruction.

In both social studies and science, the students develop organization and study skills. The discovery and exploration of our country from the beginning of American history to the present is the focus of the social studies curriculum. The students are encouraged to become aware of the political and social issues in the world around them through their interactive discussion of current events. In science, the study of Life and Earth sciences is taught through the use of text and lab explorations. The material is further enhanced by small group interactions and correlating lab assignments. Students explore botany and the scientific method in our outdoor ecological classroom.

Students in 7th and 8th grades have twice weekly instruction in Spanish and weekly instruction in Library, Music, Art, Physical Education and Computer. All classrooms are equipped with SMARTBoards and the use of Chromebooks at a 1:1 ratio per student to facilitate technology instruction in the classroom.  For further information please view the curriculum section of the website.